Kawasaki Ninja Ninja EX400 Aluminum Lightweight Voltage Regulator Re-Locator 2018/Current


Laser cut from lightweight 6061 aluminum (slotted holes for mounting),tumbled for no sharp edges and laser engraved with our Spears Racing logo

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 Kawasaki Ninja Ex 400 Lightweight Aluminum Voltage Regulator Re-locator: This unit will allow you to move the location of the voltage regulator from the outside of the front fairing stay (OEM/Factory Location) to safer location on the bike. This will allow the regulator to not be hung out in a left side crash.

These Kawasaki Ninja Ex 400 regulator brackets are laser cut from lightweight 6061 aluminum, (slotted holes for mounting) tumbled for no sharp edges and laser engraved with the  Spears Racing logo. They feature a suede/satin black anodized finish and hardware to mount to the frame is included and is Stainless Steel for rust protection for those who race in the rain.

The new location is located where the current charcoal canister is located (All California bikes have one) , once the canister is removed you will see the new location to fit your regulator re-locator.

On all of the none California models their will be a hole in your frame that will no become a mounting hole with the Jam Nut with tool Spears Racing offers as an option. If you purchase a tool and a Jam Nut, you will need to open the hole in your frame a very slight amount(typically with a round file) this will allow the Jam Nut to slide into the blank hole.Once the Jam Nut is installed into the blank hole , take a 6m x 1.0 m bolt and put it thru the tool you have purchased and into the jam nut, tighten the bolt to allow the jam nut to become tight DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN

You will also need to work the wiring harness to the new area. Typically installed in 10 minutes. (with body work off)

Spears Racing has been designing and making race products for decades, their continuous committed to excellence to advance as the industry changes. This commitment has resulted in more components specific to certain applications, proprietary products only manufactured for us. Each of these aspects has been put through stringent research and development stages to ensure that our product will exceed your standards.

***For all non- California Kawasaki Ninja Ex 400 models you will need to select “add tool” at check out.***

Ninja ex 400 Kit contains the following:
1 ea. Bracket
3 ea. m6 x 20m bolts
1 ea. m6 x 10m bolt
1 ea. m6 nut

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