Spears Racing has been part of the Small bike world for over a decade and has found their way around the factory “Commuter Bike Woes”. Spears Racing has been on the cutting edge of products to allow the Kawasaki Ninja 400 to be one of the favorite and front runners in most of the worlds lightweight racing fields.

Kawasaki’s new-in-2018 Ninja 400. This ride delivers the aggressive styling that you expect from the Ninja family with a host of improvements over the previous generation. More power, less weight and a mature presentation should hold the new Ninja in good in the highly-competitive small displacement sportbike market that serves as the main battlefield in the contest to instill some brand loyalty in the increasingly important “Lightweight Racing Class”

Even though the wheelbase has been shortened to 53.9-inches, the rectangular cross-section swingarm rocks a bit more length and helps reduce weight by connecting directly to the engine/transmission assembly to eliminate a few of the frame components. It seems to have helped some since the Kawasaki EX400 weighs almost 20-pounds less than the 300.

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