Braking control in all conditions

Brembo master cylinders guarantee immediate, controllable braking power in all conditions. The ergonomics of these components has also been perfected to ensure a linear response at all times.

They are made from cast or pressure die cast aluminium – a material combining lightness, strength and superior finish quality – and are produced with both separate and integrated reservoirs.

Brembo’s range of products includes radial or axial front master brake cylinders, clutch pumps and rear master brake cylinders. One of the most distinguishing characteristics of Brembo master brake cylinders is their extraordinary controllability.

Brembo has drawn from its considerable experience in the design of hydraulic components and in the fields of kinematics and ergonomics to substantially reduce friction in the action of the component and increase bending resistance.

The result is an outstanding linearity between the force applied to the lever by the rider and braking response, which translates to unique, unrivalled feel.

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