Efficiency and power in a braking system

The brake disc is a fundamental component in ensuring the efficacy and power of a braking system.

The decisive factors in achieving more immediate and safer braking action – especially in extreme conditions – are the ability to transfer braking torque, resistance to thermo-mechanical stress and the rapid dispersal of the heat generated by braking.
To meet these requisites fully, Brembo brake discs are manufactured with superior quality raw materials: in particular, these include special stainless steel alloys for the brake rotors, and aluminium or steel alloys for the rotor hats.

These discs are manufactured to extremely fine tolerances in the order of just a few microns. Drawing from its immense experience, Brembo has defined the optimum geometries, tolerances and dimensions for each motorcycle type and application.

As a result of specific studies into process and machining tolerances, Brembo brake discs have a unique conformation that transfers braking torque more effectively while also improving resistance to thermo-mechanical stress.

Brembo Brake Rotors product range includes fixed and floating discs from 155 to 330 mm in diameter, which cater for a wide spectrum of applications for both front and rear wheel braking systems, from scooters to hypersports street bikes.

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