Aprilia RS660 Brembo T-Drive Brake Discs 32mm braking rotor, 5,5mm thickness, dim 320×64 mm

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Brembo World Supersport winning kits for the street: These fully homologated for the street rotors have performed at the highest level in World Supersport and dominated the class outperforming any other competitors rotors on many occasions. High Carbon stainless steel.

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Derived from the experience gained in SBK and MotoGP, the brand new Brembo Brake Rotors 208A98525 T-Drive disc is the natural technical evolution of latest generation Brembo competition brake discs. The special shape of the 8 “T” pins on the disc and the eight shapes on the braking torque dragging system housing are the innovative element which strongly differentiates the new T-Drive from discs with cylindrical bushing systems. In fact, as a result of specific studies into process and machining tolerances, this unique configuration transfers braking torque more effectively, providing improved resistance to thermo-mechanical stress, especially in extreme conditions of use such as racing.
The connection between housing and rotor is ensured by a special guillotine hooking system (patent pending) which allows both radial and axial floating and reduces the overall weight of the disc, resulting in a significant advantage in terms of rideability compared to the traditional bushing system. Both performance consistency and the efficiency of disc and brake pads coupling during the running-in period have been significantly improved thanks to a rotor – in steel identical to that used for the discs in SBK and MotoGP – characterized by a new differentiated diameter hole pattern. The rotor height has also been optimized: maintaining a thickness of 5.5 mm, the height could be reduced to the advantage of containing weight and the moment of inertia with the consequential benefit of improved vehicle handling.
The housing is black anthracite anodized like latest generation racing discs. The Brembo logo is on the housing, machined from billet and painted in an unmistakable red, yet another distinctive sign that characterizes the racing image. All of the Brembo “T-Drive” discs can also boast the approval of the renowned TUV Certification Body which means they can be used on public roads in all countries that recognize this certification.
The T-drive discs are available both with the same diameter as the original discs, to which they are totally interchangeable, as well as with greater diameter, for which the appropriate spacers must be purchased separately. For more information please contact your local dealer.




Brembo Brake Rotors 208A98525 T-Drive Brake Discs Set, 2 Front Racing Disks, One Left + One Right Disk.

  • Full Floating Discs
  • Outer diameter: 320mm
  • Spigot hole diameter: 64mm
  • Brake Height 32mm
  • Disc thickness: 5.5mm



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