In the saddle for 70 years.

DOMINO was founded in Cassago Brianza, by Sir Gaspare “Rino” Bertini and his wife Lady Alma Cazzaniga.

Since then we have been leading the evolution of motorcycle control components on all roads and terrains in the world as protagonists, with the same passion as ever (and we also like vehicles with three or four wheels).

… but we are not tired … because we are Domino.


Domino has been producing various products for the world of motorcycle racing for many years. The Products are conceived at the tracks, and are meticulously developed by Domino based on the specific needs of the riders in the various categories.

Reliable, robust and professional products that are used every day by those who have made motorcycle racing a way of life. Whether on-the-track or off-road, the sporty heart of Domino beats proudly in its professional racing products.

Quickness = It is the rotation quickness the throttle control can open the throttle body / carburetor with.
Therefore, the lower the value, the quicker the throttle control inside the range of Domino throttle controls. (° / 1mm = The nipple moves by 1 mm each X throttle rotation degree).
Max stroke = It is the max movement that the throttle control can let the nipple do.

Speed ​​= the speed of the control represents the rotation speed with which the control is able to open the throttle body / carburetor. Therefore the lower the value, the faster the command within the Domino product range. (° / 1mm = Every X degrees of rotation of the knob the pawl moves by 1mm).

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