There are Several parts of the Typical Motorcycle brake systems, in today’s world most of the bikes that we see here are the “Commuter style bike” Yamaha R3,Kawasaki ninja line of 250cc,300cc,and the 400cc all of these bikes come with a hand brake(front Brake) and a foot brake Foot brake.

Spears Enterprises/Spears Racing has outlined a few of the aftermarket products from Brembo, EBC, Galfer, Magura and Vesrah that we have tested and raced on, all of the big names in the motorcycle racing world, Brembo, EBC, Galfer, and Magura these brake systems will enhance your street to full race motorcycle to have a better brake feel, and stopping power.


The master cylinder will convert mechanical force into hydraulic pressure via a lever acting on a piston that presses on a fluid. The force with which you pull the lever, the lever’s leverage ratio, and the size of the master-cylinder piston determine the amount of pressure imparted on the system, which may exceed 150 psi.


The more that you ride your motorcycle you will find the biggest deficiency is the brake pad. Their job is to convert your bike’s kinetic energy into heat by way of friction.  It’s not uncommon for the brakes on your street bike carving thru your favorite canyons to heat up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit, this is a mild number compared to a racebike with race equipment may exceed 600 degrees.


With over 40 years in the motorcycle industry, I have always believe that the brake lines were a loss of “POWER” of the fell or the ability to modulate the system. Take a rubber hose on your stock rubber hose, put it into your hand and pull the lever on the master cylinder, feel the pulse of the line expanding, this is what I refer to line loss.
Try a  multi-layer hoses typically utilize a Teflon inner lining surrounded by a braided-nylon, Kevlar, or stainless-steel reinforcing layer that’s then wrapped in a protective sheathing. The stronger the hoses the better, since any expansion under pressure will reduce braking force and feel.


The brake rotor is a game changer, this is typically one of the most costly items, we would recommend a full floater rotor , most of the Commuter Style Calipers are fixed and with time warp, for street riders and differently for the track day rider or full on racer.


This is the liquid that allows it all to happen. Brake fluid is responsible for transmitting force from the brake lever to the back of the brake pads, supplying  good lubricity for master-cylinder and caliper pistons seals, offer corrosion resistance, and also have a very high boiling point. We only use Brembo or Motul RBF6,we change our brake fluid after every race weekend, it is the 100% if its new there is never a reason to think.

Spend some time and look at different brake systems we have, if you have questions we will be here for you

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