Motorcycles today are being restricted more by software than they are by hardware. This means we are re-writing the software inside the motorcycles ECU to remove these restrictions and properly tune every aspect of modern motorcycles, such as fueling, timing, throttle mapping, individual gearing, cylinders, modes, speedometers, fan temps this is done by using the Flashed ECU by Spears Racing.
The stock ECU in your motorcycle is far from optimized even if your motorcycle is stock. The program in the stock ECU’s have been developed to suite a wide range of riding conditions and riding skill levels also wide range of fuel types and grades. The results of this conservative programming are a compromise in performance and running condition of your motorcycle.
The motorcycle ECU controls the amount of fuel, amount of ignition advance, RPM limiters, Top speed limiters, Power Mode, Traction Control and  other parameters of your motorcycle. The ECU does this by monitoring inputs from throttle position, rpm, gear position, intake air temperature, air  temperature and coolant temperature.
Spears Racing’s Flashed ECU Flashing will correct the stock deficiencies and program the fuel and ignition maps to best suite what has been done to your motorcycle. Raise or remove limiters. Removal of top speed limiters are for racing use only. After Spears Racing has flashed the ECU of your motorcycle you will see the improvement in dyno numbers,  top speeds as well as overall running condition of your motorcycle.
Essentially, our Flashed ECU  Reprogramming service delivers a bike engine as the manufacturer designed it originally; after countless hours and hundred of dyno pulls to establish baseline performance we suck the stock map out, switch off anything we feel that’s causing a problem adjusted and trim air fuel/timing to achieve the maximum torque and HP for your Motorcycle.
The most effective change to this flash is the maximizing to the secondary butterflies opening and closing this will effect the overall performance,feel and success of your racing efforts The new performance map is then uploaded back into the ECU.
Your acceleration from the stock to the new flash will be noticeably faster and smoother,this is do to the efficiency of air fuel.
Unleash up to 15% more power
Increase Acceleration & Top Speed
Improve Throttle Response & Control

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