Machined Adjustable Folding Levers

Precision CNC Machined and laser techniques are used which guarantee a long life of the product and a good visibility of the laser Spears Racing logo, Shape and design of the handle follow ergonomics of most riders.

HIGH QUALITY COMPONENTS: Levers use chrome steel precision sealed bearings, stainless steel pivot and bushing parts, Chrome Silicon cantilever springs, aerospace grade stainless steel and chromoly fasteners, and specially designed and manufactured fasteners.

ADJUSTABLE REACH: by simply adjusting the little arm ontop of the Spears Racing lever, the reach can be adjusted to accommodate the smallest to the largest hands and gives the best clutch or brake response.

ADVANTAGE: This levers area of contact “surface Area” lever can make your fingers feel perfectly on the levers , high quality CNC levers handle increases durability and hardness , prevent easy bending or breaking in the event of a crash with the “Machined Adjustable Folding Levers ” of the lever . These are all anodized with glossy and vibrant finish, which increases resistance to corrosion and wear, makes your bike stand out from the crowd .

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