Spears Racing head gaskets is compressed between the engine block and the cylinder head. The head gasket seals in the internal combustion process and also keeps coolant and oil from mixing together as the two fluids travel from the engine block to the cylinder head. Head gaskets themselves are not very expensive

This gasket is custom made to Spears Racing Specifications it will increase your Compression from Stock . The thickness is made thinner than original gasket to get more powerful results for Torque and RWHP .This gasket is used by competitors in all of the major race series.

Spears Racing’s High compression head gaskets are comprised of one layer of Stainless Steel not two like the OEM gasket. Spears Racing uses Stainless steel for increased strength, its ability to rebound and corrosion resistance. The layer of the gasket are embossed and coated on both sides and are designed to meet the demands of a variety of harsh sealing environments, load conditions and surface finishes. Heat resistant to 250C or 482F
BSB Junior Supersport,Motoamerica,WSS300 and CSBK Lightweight Sportbike Championship This cylinder head gasket is for racing purpose only.

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