For several decades Spears Enterprises/Spears Racing has been the “Little Bike Business” and they have always dedicated their time to making the “commuter style Bike ” a fun track/race bike.

Over the years there have been several attempts at making a better Exhaust system by most of the players in the industry, Spears Racing has worked with several of these companies to help develop and to know what works. Spears racing has done thousands of dyno pulls on different brands and configuration of systems, and has seen a lot of hero’s and several zero’s.
Spears Racing has decided to put a few of the “Current Exhaust Systems” that they have used on the Smaller bikes in a “stand alone section” on their website, this is to assist anyone with their findings.

All of these systems have been purchased and for that reason Spears can say it is none bias to a company for giving them free product.

All of the dyno runs are done on a Dyno Jet Rear Wheel dyno, We try to keep all of the runs very consistent, we have always set the tire pressure to a “Standard 30 PSI” (not an over inflated pressure to get higher numbers) secured the bikes in the same fashion and always has use what the industry stand for “Correction Factor”  (SAE) and just tried to keep thing consistent.


Installing a full exhaust system will give you the benefits of sound, style, power and weight. Most of the time what sets most of the them apart is some systems offer more weight savings and performance gains.
The horsepower of your motorcycle typically improves as well as the Torque. Aftermarket exhausts have a sleeker design thanks to more functional and lighter-weight materials.
The benefits of installing a full aftermarket exhaust system include:
Better sound and look
Improved weight savings
Increased performance
More horsepower
More Torque


A negative aspect of replacing an original exhaust with a full system is the fact that you may need a jet kit or fuel controller piggy back ECU system to get it running properly. It also may affect the lean angle/ground clearance of your motorcycle. Whether it results in positive or negative lean may require extra research based on the specific aftermarket exhaust and your bike model.
Because installation involves several parts, you will likely need to remove pieces from your bike, such as  passenger foot pegs, body work and so on. Depending on which system you choose make sure that you do plenty of research to know this is the system for you.
Drawbacks of installing new full exhaust systems include:
More installation work
May affect lean of motorcycle
More expensive option
Likely requires jet kit or fuel controller

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