Kawasaki Ninja ZX400rr Exhaust Bracket/Rear Brake Reservoir Delete Kit


Designed to allow you to remove the passenger footpeg /exhaust bracket and their extra weight and still properly mount your exhaust in the factory location


Spears Racings Exhaust Bracket Kawasaki ZX400rr/Rear Brake Reservoir Delete Kit: Designed to allow you to remove the passenger footpeg /exhaust bracket and their extra weight and still properly mount your exhaust in the factory location. This bracket is compatible with the oem exhaust or any aftermarket slip-on or full system exhaust.
It features a sleek black satin finish and proudly showcases the iconic Spears Racing Logo. The bracket is meticulously machined and tumbled to ensure a smooth and high-quality appearance without any sharp edges. Despite its lighter weight, it securely mounts in the factory location, providing a reliable and stylish upgrade for your Kawasaki ZX400RR. Additionally, the bracket comes with two custom M8 x 17 black Titanium bolts for easy installation. They feature a suede/satin black anodized finish.
The OEM right side passenger peg weighs 525g/1.15Lbs the Spears bracket weighs 125g/4.40 oz that is almost 1 lb savings and over 2 lbs when you remove the left side passenger footpeg assembly.

Rear Delete Kit:

From higher elevation of several thousand feet to the track @ sea level, the rear brake would drag, so we new that the atmospheric pressure is different, our new unit has a Patented one way valve that will not allow this to happen.

The Spears Racing rear brake reservoir delete kits are designed to provide a lightweight and streamlined solution for your motorcycle’s rear brake system. These kits are constructed from high-quality Tygon 5/16″ I.D x 7/16 O.D wall clear hose, which is specifically developed to resist swelling caused by fuels and lubricants commonly used in motorcycles.

The Tygon hose used in these kits is highly flexible, making it easy to install and route on your bike. The kit includes a patented one-way breather valve and two spring clamps, ensuring easy installation and reliable performance. By removing the OEM rear brake hose and reservoir, these kits help reduce weight and improve the overall aesthetics of your motorcycle.

The low-profile design of the reservoir delete kits adds a sleek and clean look to your bike’s rear brake system. This product is trusted and used by top racers and teams worldwide, attesting to its quality and performance. Upgrade your rear brake system with the Spears Racing reservoir delete kit for a lighter, more efficient, and professional-looking setup.

Kit Contains the Following:

1 ea. Muffler/Exhaust bracket

2ea. Black Oxide Custom Titanium Shoulder Bolts

Rear Delete Kit Contains the Following:

1 ea. Tygon  5/16″ I.D. x 7/16″ O.D. x 1/16″ Wall

2 ea. Spring Clamps

1 ea. Patented 1 way Breather valve