Suzuki introduced the SV650 in 1999 (First Gen) as a budget entry in the emerging naked commuter bike market and featured both naked and fully faired versions. The bike provided a sporty though easily manageable ride. The combination of light weight, rigid chassis, strong handling, and the V-twin’s strong mid-range torque appealed to beginner and experienced riders alike.
The SV650 immediately became popular, but American buyers wanted the sportier ‘S’ version that featured lower handlebars, higher foot pegs and a bikini fairing and windscreen, available only in the European and Canadian markets. American magazines ran articles describing how to import it into the United States. In 2000, Suzuki began importing the SV650S to the USA.

Second generation (2003–2012)
In 2003, Suzuki redesigned the SV650 with a new pressure-cast aluminum truss frame, bodywork, swing-arm with revised rear brake caliper mounting, exhaust, digital speedometer display and electronic fuel injection/induction system to replace the carburetor.
The 2003 SV650s also supported some first generation parts (like the rearsets and radiator). The subframe is also angled up higher than 2004+ models. The different subframe has year-specific parts, such as the rider seat, plastic frame covers, exhaust hanger brackets and passenger pegs.
For 2004, Suzuki used a new, 40 mm lower subframe and a seat with a narrower design in the front. This made flat footing easier for shorter riders. The trail was raised by 2 mm, and the rear fender was restyled to clean up the area under the tail lights and provide more protection against flying debris.
In 2005, the color of the frame was changed from silver to a matte black finish.
For 2007, both SV650 and SV650S added dual spark plugs per cylinder, and an exhaust gas oxygen sensor on California models for reduced emissions. An anti-lock braking system (ABS) was also added as an option.
The 2009 Suzuki SFV650 Gladius replaced the SV650 naked version in the USA.

Third generation (2017)It has a new, slim, steel frame. Seat height is 785mm(30.9″). Fuel tank capacity is 13.8 liters or 15.5 liters in the US market. It has twin front disc brakes, and new 39mm slimmer and lighter throttle bodies. The rear wheel is also a plus with a Wider footprint from the factory.

Spears Racing was built around the Suzuki SV650, winning more races and championships than any other race team or business in the world.

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