Brembo 19mm RCS Radial W/Folding Lever Brake Master Cylinder


The Brembo 19RCS Master Cylinder is ideal for single caliper braking systems such as those found on  Superbikes with 2 brake calipers.

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Brembo RCS19 Brake Master Cylinder

The Brembo RCS19 Master Cylinder  is ideal for single caliper braking systems such as those found on  Superbike Dual Caliper. It features a radial configuration that yields a dramatic increase in stopping power and brake feel over the stock axial master cylinders.

The Brembo RCS19 Brake Master Cylinder allows the rider to choose between more power or more precision to best complement their riding style, track/street conditions and other brake components. The unique design of the RCS system offers the flexibility to change the brake lever ratio at the turn of a screw. The 20mm setting provides a more reactive braking response and the 18mm setting allows for better feel and modulation. Additionally, the Brembo lever features an adjustable thumb screw that can be customized to fit a range of riders’ hands. In the event of a crash the outer portion of the lever folds up and away to avoid damage. The patented master cylinder is constructed of forged aluminum and then CNC machined down to remove any excess weight. All of its components, including the piston, seals and pushrod, are the same as those used in MotoGP and WSBK.

*Forged aluminum body
*Hard anodized finish
*Adjustable and folding aluminum lever
*19mm piston
*Lever ratio of 18mm and 20mm
*Weight: ~350 gr

*Mounts to most 22mm (⅞) diameter handlebars
*Includes universal brake light switch
*Brembo Brake Reservoir Kit available (sold separately)
*Brembo Remote Adjuster available (sold separately)
*Compatible with most OEM ABS brake systems
Note: For street use Brembo includes a brake like switch harness that will replace your stock harness (requires cutting and splicing of stock harness).



We suggest using the Brembo Brake Reservoir Mounting Kit (Brembo Part# 110.A263.85) as it includes a reservoir, bracket, hardware and tubing.
Brembo Master Cylinders REQUIRE an M10x1.0 banjo bolt. If you have 2 lines coming off the master you will need a double M10x1.0 banjo bolt and 3 washers, if you have 1 line off the master you will need a single M10x1.0 banjo bolt and 2 washers.
If you intend to use your stock reservoir you will require a length of 6mm Tygon 2375 Tubing and 2 3/8″ Spring Clamps.
Brake fluid will be needed. We suggest replacing all of the fluid in the system when you install the master.