BREMBO Replacement: Bleed Screw w/ Cap (105.3387.63) (105338763)


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BREMBO Replacement: Bleed Screw w/ Cap F8 style Bleeder screw with Dust Cap this part will work on RCS and GP Mk2 & Mk3 Master Cylinders

Fits Brembo High Performance 14,15,17and 19RCS Forged Radial Brake Master Cylinder with Folding Standard/Short Levers in the event of a fall or any other damages, Brembo also offers the possibility to change only the lever part from the articulation onwards so as not to buy back the entire lever.Short lever only, from the fold up pivot point onwards

Street Products – High Performance Line: Brembo performance to the nth power.

Brembo has always contributed to the victories of the world’s greatest champions with braking systems boasting constantly evolving technology and innovation. With its unmatched racing experience and collection of victories, Brembo is the undisputed benchmark for the champions of the world’s most prestigious championships and the most discerning motorcyclists.

By meticulously selecting the materials used, Brembo can achieve ever higher standards in terms of technology and quality, which translate to superlative performance and outstanding reliability and safety.

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BREMBO Replacement: Bleed Screw w/ Cap contains the following:

Includes Dust Cap
Color : Black (Flat)
Thread Pitch : M10x1.0
Wrench Size : 11mm
Length from Under Hex Head : 16mm
Bleeder Screw Style : F8
Dust Cap: Slip On Style