Kickstand Side Stand Bypass Plug

This plug will allow you to remove your Side stand (Kickstand) and bypass the side stand lock out circuit

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Kickstand Side Stand Bypass Plug: This plug will allow you to remove your OEM side stand (Kickstand) and by pass the side stand lock out circuit.From the factory as a safety measure the side stand needs to be in the up position to allow the bike to be put in gear with out killing the engine.

As we know building a race motorcycle we do not run a kickstand/side stand, we have seen so many different ways that racers/riders have attempted to bypass this switch circuit, from twisting wires together and taping to using crimp connectors to bring the wires together, this is a problem that it will eventually fail and leave you in a trouble shooting situation.

You can never put a “bandage on a broken leg” just do it right from the start and this will never strand you.

Spears Racing has been making the “Kickstand Side Stand Bypass Plug”  in house for several years, this is a replacement for the plug you will remove from the harness (connected to your side stand) this plug is assembled with water tight plugs to stop as much moister as possible and this is a cleaner and professional way and is a must for all race bikes simple plug n play.

Note: The side stand switch on most of these Lightweight Motorcycle is located on the Left Side of the Motorcycle

**This modification is intended for track day to the full on dedicated race motorcycle, Spears Racing does not recommend this to be done to a daily driven street Motorcycle.**

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  1. Adam Faussett

    Way too easy. No more soldering iron and heat shrink and cutting off the side stand switch.

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