Works in a way that is similar to some social media web sites. You can have groups and friends and this allows you to share data (in a very secure, selective and controlled way). This means that you can compare your laps / corners / data / brake pressures / lean angles etc with whomever you want to, if they allow you to.

As data can be highly confidential you can choose to share nothing, or for example just the track map and lap of a particular weekend / day / session / individual lap etc and you can choose what channels they can view.

As default NONE of your DATA is shared with anyone.

All of this happens automatically – no user input required.

In addition, HM is building data from all levels of riders we work with (including world level and championship winning riders) over many classes and most tracks. All of this data from our supported riders will be shared as ‘public’ meaning you have full access to all of the data for comparative purposes.

HM M3 Software only available for use of Windows (7,8 and 10)

If your motorcycle is not currently listed, why not drop us an email with your Motorcycle Make/Model and Year and we will get back to you as soon as the M3 Dash is available for you.

Subscription to the HM Cloud will be charge at £10 per month or £150 yearly. Your first year is included with the price of the HM M3 Dash.


After the first year, data viewing services will be disables and will require subscription. All other information including lap times and sessions will still be available.

All download files are now automatically downloaded via your HM Cloud account

How to get started with your M3-Dash-Quick-Setup-Guide

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