Clutch By Pass Plug Kawasaki Ninja Ex 400 2018/Current

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This plug will allow you to remove your current turn signal housing assembly left handlebar assembly, and still maintain the Bike to run in the Proper ECU mapping.

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Kawasaki 400 Clutch Bypass 2018/2022 plug : This plug is designed to allow you to remove your current OEM control housing (left Handlebar) from the system and still allow you to start your motorcycle and shift thru the gears. This unit will plug into your Stock harness and let your bikes electronic system to still function properly . No more just twisting your wires together, This is a Simple Plug N Play install.

The issue that occurs  I believe is that most of the racers are removing their left side control assembly, the single harness with two(2) plugs, one being a multi plug the other being a clutch lock out or bypass this is a two (2) wire plug. The bike will start and will run, and most are done.

If the clutch bypass is not looped or bypassed (we have the plug in adaptor on our site) the bike/ECU is thinking it is running with the clutch pulled in all of the time or a neutral. This will slow the ability of the RPM’s to rev as fast as needed and it will also not have the correct ignition map being read, and the gear indicator will not work(Thinks it is in Neutral)

We had a Dealer in the Midwest of the USA , having issues much to the same as described by this thread, we sent them a clutch bypass and the problem went away.

I presented my findings with one of the world leading engineers(owns HM Quickshifters) he was the one that gave the clarity to my findings….

The cost of the fix is better than the stress it will cause.

This is a necessity for the Track day rider to the professional racer

This unit is currently used by race team and riders all around the world.

Kawasaki 400 Clutch Bypass Unit is made in the USA

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