5th Turn Throttle Suzuki SV1000 2003/2019


Fits all 2003 to 2009 SV650 naked and SV650s models. This is a must for anyone that races engages in track days and any street riders

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Suzuki SV1000 5th Turn Throttle tube and grip will fit all 2003 to 2018 SV1000 naked and SV650s models. The unit is MFG in Japan and is machined to fit the Suzuki SV1000.This item has been in the Spears Racing product line for 17 years.  This is a must for anyone that wants to be able to get into the full throttle position faster, this is made for riders who do track days, racing  any street riders that are tired of having to re-grip to obtain full throttle.

** We have installed this on the First gen SV650, it is not a true 5th turn, but it will lessen the rotation.**

SP19 Install Suzuki SV1000 5th Turn Throttle shown is on a SV1000.


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