The Suzuki SV1000 and the half-faired SV1000S are naked bike motorcycles made by Suzuki since 2003. The 996 cc displacement 90° V-twin motorcycles were aimed to compete directly with the Honda VTR1000F, which was released prior to the Suzuki, and the low end Ducati one-litre V-twin engined sport bikes.

The TL1000R is a full fairing racing-oriented version of Suzuki’s popular TL1000S. The TL1000R was launched in 1998, one year after its sibling, the TL1000S. Unlike the TL-S, the TL-R was designed to compete in the World and American Superbike Championships, although it achieved only one race win before Suzuki pulled the plug on the TL racing program, in favor of returning to the lighter GSXR750 as its Superbike entry.

The TL-R took aim at Ducati’s 916 both in the Superbike Championship and in consumer sales. The R shares basic engine architecture with the S but has special components including forged pistons, stronger connecting rods, and a much stiffer frame while retaining the motors 90° V-twin for perfect primary balance and had hybrid chain/gear driven cams. A traditional cam chain turned a gear that in turn rotated the cams. This hybrid design eased maintenance immensely and gave the motor additional aural character because of the gear whine..The engine tweaks given to the TL-R made it known for its very good top-end horsepower (as compared to most V-twins that make better bottom end power). The TL-R was offered in yellow, blue/white, black, and red. Suzuki stopped production of the TL1000S in 2001, and the TL1000R in 2003.

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