Clip Ons with 1-1/2 inch Risers Yamaha FZ07 2015-2017

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The Yamaha FZ07 clip-ons feature a 1 1/2″ riser that eliminates interference issues with the bodywork and fuel tank, while getting the bars as low as possible.

FZ07 Clip on Install

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The Woodcraft Clip-On Riser and Adapter Plate is CNC machined from billet aluminum and bolts in place of the OEM handlebar and gives FZ-07 riders a more aggressive riding position. This Woodcraft adapter plate can be run with the clip-on risers either pointed up or down, giving riders the option for a 15 minute changeover from a “street” to “track” position. In addition, the use of standard handlebars allows for easy replacements and less damage in the event of a crash. These billet aluminum units look great and allow riders to assume a much more natural stance for sport riding.

The drop from the OEM bar height (measured from the end of the bar) is as follows:

1.5 inch riser “up” / -2.25 inches
1 inch riser “up” / -2.75 inches
1 inch riser “down” / -3.75 inches
1.5 inch riser “down” / -4.25 inches (best for racing)
Includes a pair of 12″ black handlebars.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The front brakes must be bled after the brake line has been re-positioned to ensure that there is no air in the brake line