Kawasaki Ninja EX400/Z400 Ride Height Adjuster ( Variable) 2018/Current


This unit will change the way your bike feels on the race track this new state of the art patented Variable Ride Height Adjuster This will work on the Ninja 400 and also the Z400

“Often Imitated Never Duplicated “


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Variable Ride Height Adjuster For Kawasaki Ninja EX400/Z400 2018/Current

Spears Racing  has developed this new state of the art patented Variable Ride Height Adjuster for your Kawasaki Ninja EX400 /Z400. This will allow you to take your stock OEM motorcycle and increase the rear ride height without purchasing a new shock(street Use) and for those who are doing track days or racing this is an added feature to allow you to adjust the height / length of your after market shock. The install is fairly straight forward Shock-mount-install  and should take approx. 1 hour. Remember when looking at the mount, the insert can be install 2 ways, one is a plus 5mm (hole on top) over stock and the other is 10mm (hole on Bottom)over stock Height with the stock shock.

This unit is Made from mild steel and is lasered cut to be so precise and is simply installed to replace your Stock OEM Kawasaki bracket.

Spears Racing has been designing and making race products for decades, their continuous committed to excellence to advance as the industry changes. This commitment has resulted in more components specific to certain applications, proprietary products only manufactured for us. Each of these aspects has been put through stringent research and development stages to ensure that our product will exceed your standards.


This unit on a Stock Kawasaki Ninja 400cc will Increase the following:

Stock Shock as delivered from Kawasaki 9.5 Swing Arm Angle

Stock Shock as delivered from Kawasaki(+5mm on Adjuster) 10.3 Swing Arm Angle (adding 10mm of ride height)

Stock Shock as delivered from Kawasaki(+10 mm on Adjuster) 11.3 Swing Arm Angle (adding 23mm of ride Height)

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