Suzuki SV650 Jet kit Dynojet Race Jet Kit 1999/2002


Each Dynojet/Spears Jet Kit includes comprehensive instructions which show step-by-step installation

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Spears Racing/Suzuki SV650 Jet kit Spears Racing has been using the Dynojet kits for carbureted  motorcycles for decades, you might read or hear of the word(s) Stage 1,Stage 2 or Stage 3 this is typically the terms that a lot of shops and riders/racers will use, this kit is for Racing and it will allow your Suzuki SV650cc 1999/2002 to obtain the maximum RWHP and torque (depending on your exhaust and air intake)

The proper Exhaust,Air Filter and Carburetor set up is so so  Important, we have seen the bike with 1 main jet to large loose approx 3 to 5 RWHP. So  look at the install instructions and if you have questions, please call Spears Racing.

Spears Racing /Dynojet Carburetor Jet Kits can provide you with a simple and affordable solution to all your carburetion problems. This Kits increase power and smoothness throughout the entire rev range, while optimizing your air fuel ,remember that if your bike has the best Air/Fuel it will make the best RWHP for the current configuration.

Each Suzuki SV650 Jet kit includes comprehensive instructions which show step-by-step installation, and testing procedures to ensure a perfect setup every time. This kit has been tested and is used by several street,Track day riders and Sponsored Spears Racing racers in the USA and around the world. This is backed by free telephone support to Spears customers


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