Kawasaki EX250 Ninja Emission Block Off Plate 2008/2012


If you are using your motorcycle on a closed course (racing, track days, etc.) you will want to remove all unnecessary equipment from your bike for reduced weight and ease of maintenance

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Kawasaki 250cc Emission Block off Plate Spears Racing Smog Block Off  plate is designed for Close Course Racing.

Spears Racing 250 Emission Block off Plate are designed to seal off the ports on the valve cover used by the air injection system (a.k.a smog pumps or AIS). The air induction system (AIS) burns unburned exhaust gases by injecting fresh air (secondary air) into the exhaust port, reducing the emission of hydrocarbons. Once these are capped off the air injection system can be safely removed. These Smog Block Off Plates are CNC’d billet aluminum and feature the Spears Racing logo.


Kawasaki 250cc Emission Block off Plate Kit contains:

2 ea Stainless Steel Bolts

1 ea CNC Aluminum Spears Racing block off plate 

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