Single Banjo Bolt/Steel Bleed Screw Bleeder with Aluminum Body


The ultimate solution for “Hard to bleed brake systems”

Know your Thread Pitch!!


Aluminum Banjo Bolt Bleeder with  Single Banjo Bolt/Steel Bleed Screw Assembly  The ultimate solution for “Hard to bleed brake systems”. These Aluminum Brake Bleeder with single banjo bolts  feature a bleeder nipple which allows you to bleed the air out of the brake system at the highest point or just before the brake fluid goes  into the caliper. Makes bleeding your brake system easier and quicker. Add another trapped air purge point with a Spears Racing Banjo Bolt Bleeder Kit.

Easily install a bleeder screw anywhere in your brake or clutch system! This special banjo bolt has a 1/4-28 bleeder screw so you can bleed air out of the system directly at the master cylinder instead of pumping the air all the way through to the caliper

Must know your Thread Pitch:

Most of the Japanese OEM(Stock) master cylinders are M10 x 1.25

European and Brembo styles master cylinders are M10 x 1.0


This kit will add benefits to your Street ,Track or Race bike braking ability

Aluminum Banjo Bolt Bleeder Kit include: 1pc x Brake Caliper Bleed Screw/Nipple (w/Banjo bolt)

2pcs x Sealing Washer​.

1ea. Rubber dust cap

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