Kawasaki 400 Transmission Kit Shift 2018/Current


This will be the complete kit for your 2018/2020 Kawasaki Ninja EX400, this has the three parts that in the past were sold individually to assist your Kawasaki 400 Transmission shifting issues.

This is not like the other kits on the market that only puts a Bandage on a Broken Leg
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This will be the complete kit for your 2018/2020 Kawasaki Ninja EX400, this has the three parts that in the past were sold individually to assist your Kawasaki 400 Transmission Kit shifting issues.

Kawasaki 400 Detent Spring Heavy Duty Ninja EX400 2018/Current

Kawasaki 400 Detent Spring :This Spears Racing heavy duty Kawasaki 400 Detent Spring will allow a quicker and easier way of shifting, perfect for street riding, track day use and road riding for effortless up shifts and downshifts into or out of any corner missed shifts and false neutrals virtually disappear! And the speed at which the gears actually engage is dramatically improved. The spring will give you more confidence and has been race track proven by several AFM, CCS, WERA and WSMC racers.   Install


The Kawasaki Ninja 400 shift shaft spacer is an essential component designed to protect the shift shaft from disengaging the shift star. It is crafted using high-quality 6061 T-6 aerospace aluminum, ensuring durability and reliability. Manufactured with precision by Spears Racing Products, this spacer guarantees the same level of excellence you are accustomed to.

Whether you accidentally drop your motorcycle or experience an impact on the left side, there is no need to worry about the 14mm circlip coming off the shaft and pushing the shift arm off the star shifter. This shift shaft spacer effectively prevents such issue.

Kawasaki Clutch Assist Spring Ninja EX400 2018/Current

Kawasaki Clutch Assist Spring is designed  to assist the clutch lever to return back to its normal resting starting point.

The Kawasaki Ninja EX400cc has had several issues with the clutch “Free Play” and not pulling the lever back to the fully disengaged position.

Spears racing had made several attempt to purchase off of the shelf product which lead to much pressure/not enough pressure that is why they worked with a spring engineer to develop this spring.

This Kawasaki Clutch Assist Spring is designed and Manufactured in the USA, it is made from 302 stainless steel (will not rust) and has an installed spring assist pressure of 3.74 Ft.Lbs. it will also thread onto your stock OEM clutch cable end and not be loose against the clutch arm

Kawasaki Shifting Arm Kit Ninja EX400 2018/2020
All good ideas come from making problems go away.     Install Shift Arm Kit

I believe there needs to be a little more clarity to this product, a lot of entry riders do not know, the issues that this is designed for is for the Kawasaki ninja 400 which is a commuter built motorcycle the way it is set up from the factory will infact work for the daily rider, but once you have decided to take your 400cc to the track a lot of things will change.

The current shift arm has a shift paw on the end(behind the clutch basket) this engages to the shift star that is connected to the shift drum, you can see in the detailed pictures that from the factory the shift paw does not fully engage to the shift star, Spears Racing designed the Kawasaki Shifting Arm Kit Ninja EX400 2018/2021 this will allow the shift paw to move closer to the middle of the shift star for a more positing engagement. Lately we are seeing companies making delrin pieces that slide of the left side of the shifter to keep the shift arm from snapping the “outer Snap Ring” and pushing the complete shift arm/rod to the right side of the engine case. This part that they are making is not doing the same as a shifting arm kit.

Spears Racing has been on the cutting edge of making new products for the little commuter style bikes for decades, most of these products come from the motorcycle being used for something other than what it was intended to be use for…RACING!!

It has been brought to our attention that so many racers have been having shifting issues with the new Kawasaki Ninja 400cc,we have heard everything from “it will not shift” to “it misses shifts” and several of the racers have had to park their motorcycle or just go home.

Look at the the pictures of  the engagement area of the shift star and the shift arm on the OEM install, under hard shifting/racing conditions the shift arm will just slip over the end of the shift star and it will leave you missing shifts or leave you to no shifting.

Spears racing has the newest and the latest greatest product this is called the Shift Arm Assist Kit, this kit will allow the shift arm to move closer to the middle of the shift star(See pic)

From the Factory in  Chakan, Maharashtra India this bike works well for the commuter or for the  daily ride when the bike is taken to the highest level it will have issues.

The problem is solved by installing the new Spears Racing Shift Arm Assist Kit, this will require that the clutch side cover to be removed, the complete clutch assembly and once there it will take approx. 15 minutes to make this shifting issue go away.




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