Transmission upgrades,this is a very broad statement, Spears Racing has spent thousands of hours detailing to the end user, street, trackday and full on racers and teams around the world.

One of the most common “ask” from a lot of the current racers and aggressive street riders “My transmission popping out of gear,Im in 5th gear and out of know were , the bike goes into a false neutral or jumps to 4th gear. All of the motorcycles that Spears Racing specializes in are built as a commuter low budget bike that we, you want to take to the next level.

Spears Racing has custom heavy duty detent springs,shift arms with bearings all are engineered to accept the constent shifting that racer demands from their motorcycle and are manifactured in the USA with Great quality Steel.

Spears Racing has been doing Transmission undercuting and micro polishing transmissions for decades and has decided to specialize in the Kawasaki Ninja EX400,Ninja EX300,Suzuki SV650,Yamaha FZ/MT07/R7 and  R-3 transmissions with what we call the “Race Cut” this is essentially our way of doing the process of Transmission Undercutting ( in the engagement direction only)

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