520 Lightweight Rear Drive Sprocket 39t/48t


520 Rear Sprocket is made from the highest grade aerospace quality 7075-T651 aluminum.

Made in the USA


Spears Racing’s 520 Lightweight Rear Sprocket are ultra light using engineered lightening holes as well as lowered front surface to achieve one of the strongest and lightest sprockets on the market today (depending on tooth count 41t 9.30 oz/262g)

The Lightweight Rear Sprocket  are  made from the highest grade aerospace quality 7075-T651 high grade aluminum and it is Machined not Stamped, this way you need not to worry about it being ” True to the alignment” of your chain and front sprocket (no wobble).

These  520 drive chain kits will be the same engineering and machining process that you have come to know with all of the Spears Racing products that have been use to win multiple Race Championships around the World and set several track records along with winning several class championships and National #1 plates.

This Page will allow you to pick the right gearing for your style of riding or track day or racing. You will be able to pick from a 14t or a 15t countershaft (on the engine) and the rears are available in the following tooth 39,40,41,42,43,44,45,46,47,48tooth rear sprockets.

This Sprocket is  Designed and manufactured to the same detail as the Spears Racing 415 Championship winning rear sprockets.

520 Lightweight Rear Sprocket Kits

 *** Lightest Machined Rear 520 Sprocket on the Market Made in the USA ***