Yamaha YZF-R3/MT03 Brembo Axial Brake Caliper Mount 2015/Current


This kit will mount up to your Yamaha YZF-R3 right fork leg and allow you to install a Brembo 20516568 or a 20516589  Caliper P4 30/34C  and have superior braking like no other set up on the market.


Spears Racing the leader in Lightweight performance parts now has a purpose built  Brembo Axial Brake Caliper Mount kit for your Yamaha YZF-R3 2015/Current ,this unit has been re-designed by  Corbin Custom Design engineering staff to a perfect fitment and has an amazing appearance you have come to  expect to see on all of the Spears Racing products.

This purpose built bracket will mount up to your Yamaha YZF-R3and your MT03  right fork leg and will allow you to install a Brembo caliper kit 20516568 or  20516589  Caliper P4 30/34C  and have superior braking like no other set up on the market.

Spears Racing Brembo Axial Caliper Mount as you can see in several pictures is machined from 6061 aluminum and is hard anodized in the Spears Racing Black for a superior finial finish with the Spears Racing  “S” logo. The kit will come with 2 mounting bolts that will allow the Brembo caliper to mount onto the bracket. We also have included an upgraded  option of the Spears Racing Titanium Fasteners for the bracket to the fork leg

Kit contains the following

(1ea.) Mounting Bracket

(2ea.) Mounting bolts


We would also recommend the Brake line kit:

Superbike Brake Line Straight is a kit that has been used by Spears Racing for several years. The kit is a custom length and it designed for each of the Lightweight bikes that Spears Racing supports. This line is made in the USA and is designed to give you a “More Direct” fluid flow into your single brake caliper. This brake line is a MUST For the Spears Yamaha YZF-R3 Brembo 40mm Caliper Kit

The difference between the “Standard Style” the one with a banjo on each end and the Spears Racing Superbike lines is the Spears Racing line will mount into your caliper via an adapter (comes in each kit) this is a direct fluid flow and no longer needs to have fluid feed into a lower banjo and disbursed around a banjo bolt which can cause pressure loss to your braking system.

The Lightweight motorcycles that we are racing is designed for a “commuter” in mind, upgrading from a rubber brake line to a Spears Superbike brake line is a necessity, we truly never want to think or worry how good our brakes are or if they are going to fade anytime soon