Freeze Plugs Freeze Plug Cylinder Head Suzuki sv650 1999/2018


OEM replacement freeze plugs that are not sold by Suzuki, these items are located inside of the cylinder heads.


SV650 Freeze Plugs 1999/2018 Spears Racing being the Leader in Sport Twin performance now has metal cylinder head freeze plugs to replace the OEM units that have been ejected do to the water left into your race bike,these freeze plugs that are not sold by Suzuki.The OEM Suzuki freeze plugs are located inside of the cylinder heads (2) two per head.

Once the race season is over a lot of racers who live in the part of the world that it gets cold and freeze are more vulnerable to this over site. Spears Racing has saved several racers in the Midwest and the East coast who Left engines filled with water/Water wetter products on the cold winter days.

Little Helpful advice for the install of your new Freeze Plugs:

The SV650 Freeze Plugs 1999/2018 will be installed dry, meaning that once you have found the leaking or the pushed out freeze plug you will need to clear/clean the hole inside of the head with brake or carburetor cleaner to make sure that there is not particulate matter like rust or oil. Take the new freeze plug and place it over the hole and from there you need to install it, we have found the using something like a socket (to fit inside of the new freeze plug)small taps to make sure that it is started, once it is started, you can get a larger unit that will cover the entire outside diameter of the plug, and continue to tap it into place.