Suzuki SV650 Slipper Clutch Extra Plate Clutch Kit, Frictions or Steels Only


Spears Racing has developed a special friction/steel plate series combination for their new Slipper Clutch for the Suzuki SV650 ,This Spears Racing Suzuki SV650 Clutch Kit is developed for the SPEARS RACING Extra Plate Slipper

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This Spears Racing SV650 Clutch Kit is developed for the SPEARS RACING Extra Plate Slipper These are special friction/steel plate series combination for the proper installed height and will only work with the new Spears Racing Slipper Clutch (Extra Plate) for the Suzuki SV650. This will have pre measured steel and friction plates for the proper install height.

Clutch Kit Through research and development, constantly striving to offer the best possible friction material for your motorcycle . Japanese manufacturer for quality this racing clutch kit has an 80% increased clutch tab thickness. This means the Japanese made plates have maximum high performance durability.

Spears Racing SV650 Clutch Kit Clutch friction plate kit are made of high-friction, high-density materials to reduce expansion and fading under hard use and high-heat conditions. The material has unique characteristics that provides excellent performance even during the most severe use. The friction material does not contain rubber, Cork is what you find in 99% of all oem clutches. It is the favorite and here is why requires a low pressure to achieve a high level of friction, reducing the problem of sticking or slippage.

Ideal for Suzuki SV650, Longer life and higher heat resistance.

The clutch plate cores are CNC machined from 6061-T aluminum, allowing the drive tab width to be increased for better wear and minimal impact on clutch baskets.

This Suzuki SV650 Racing Clutch is currently being used by International racers and club level racers around the world

Also available will be the Spears Racing Steel drive plates as a kit of seven (7 ea.). Also available Spears Racing friction plates kit of eight (8 ea.)




Complete SV650 Clutch Kit contains:

7 ea Steel Plates

8 ea Friction Plates