Cylinder Head Stud /Nut Kit Suzuki SV650 1999/2018

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Stock studs are made from poor material that will stretch and allow gasket leakage.

10mm Stud kit

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Suzuki SV650 cylinder stud Kit are necessary to prevent head gasket leakage in high compression Race Engines. Stock studs are made from poor material that will stretch and allow gasket leakage at both the head and the base gasket areas.Spears Racing Cylinder head stud Kit are made from heat treated chrome moly, centerless ground, and have rolled threads after heat treat for maximum strength.
Spears Racing today is recognized as the industry’s leading manufacturer for Cylinder head stud Kit parts. We supply studs to all of the top engine builders

Suzuki SV650 cylinder stud Kit  “PRO MOD” STUDS
The SV650 engine uses head bolts instead of the preferred stud arrangement. When engines are subjected to bigger bores, higher compression ratios,etc. the stock head bolts are not up to the task. Blown head gaskets are the result.
These SV650 studs are made from ultra high heat treated premium 8740 steel and feature rolled threads for maximum strength. Torque to 40 lbs. This set up is a must for all serious go-fast motors.

***A few words to the Purchaser,we would recommend you to assemble your engine as per the factory manual, once you have put the cylinders onto the engine cases at this time we find it simpler to install the Spears Racing sv650 cylinder head studs.Take the longer threaded end of the stud and apply moly or a light coat of oil and start the studs by hand into the holes(4) per cylinder  and make sure you torque to the proper specification (noted in the 10mm Stud Kit Install).



10mm Stud kit install