SP400 Swingarm Pivot Bolt


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Hearing a lot of racers woe’s about the time to change out the right side OEM Kawasaki RH bracket, Spears Racing has the fix, it is called the  SP400 Swingarm Pivot Bolt Kit. This unit is made from carbon steels and low boron steel with a Grade 10.9 Bolt. Then material is heat treated by quenched and tempered method and machined to the Spears Racing Specs to provide an exact fit and with a Zinc plating it will last in all kinds of weather.

Racers get more involved with the Kawasaki Ninja 400, they will eventually have a crash on the right side of their motorcycle, once this happens they will need to replace the OEM kawasaki part BRACKET-SWINGARM,RH 32036-0379.Currently the rider/team will need to find a way to support the complete bike and have no weight on the rear tire to remove the OEM pivot Bolt , this is done by loosening the 22mm OEM nut on the left side of the frame and push the OEM pivot bolt out of the frame completely, hoping not to see the swing arm try to move with the pressure of the shock and the linkage and its own weight.

The Spears Racing pivot bolt is a simple install, you will need to support the bike in the same manner as just described, once the nut is removed you will use the Spears pivot bolt to push the OEM bolt out of the swing arm, once this is completed you will install the provided castle nut and cotter pin (Right Side), install the OEM nut and you are set for any future issues/crashes on the right side.

In the event of a crash, you will only need to remove the cotter pin, nut and remove the OEM Bracket-Swing arm, and back in the show in a few minutes instead of 45 min to 1 hour.

The weights of the items are very close, OEM is 582.87g/ Spears Unit is 610.08g

The biggest advantage to the Spears Racing pivot bolt kit is the ability to change your damaged items faster and less stressful.


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SP400 Swingarm Pivot Bolt Kit Contains:
1ea. Machined Bolt
1ea. Castle Nut
1ea. Cotter Pin