Kawasaki Ninja EX300 +2mm Overbore 315cc kit

2008/2012 Kawasaki Ninja EX250 with +2mm Pistons



2013-Current: These are a series of engine dyno runs for the Spears Racing 315cc engine kit the piston kit SP12-300 , Spears Racing Camshafts  Spears Racing Block off plates,Ported cylinder head, Spears Racing valve spring kit  ,Slotted Cam Sprockets, MWR Air Filter

This engine kit can have different results, depending on the engine builder, the machine work,head porting and so on, this was built by a Spears Racing Customer in Australia, it has been raced several times to victory.

Stock Kawasaki Ex300 with performance exhaust system compared to a built 315cc Superbike engine  (Engine was assembled buy one of the Spears Customers also was dyno’d by Them)