A Dynamometer (commonly called a “Dyno“) is a machine that measures engine output known as horsepower, torque and fuel mixture. It can test under different engine loads and conditions. This helps us adjust fuel mixture and timing to ideal settings for the best Dyno Run Results


A dynamometer is the only tool that can accurately calibrate Volumetric Efficiency (VE), Air/Fuel Ratios, and Ignition Timing on your motorcycle. It’s used to simulate actual riding conditions at all speeds, under a load, in a closed environment. Many factors play a role in the performance of your motorcycle. Things like air cleaners, exhaust pipes, mufflers, cams, head-work, etc. determine how much fuel your motor can efficiently burn, thus producing horsepower and fuel economy. A fuel injection motorcycle has a highly sophisticated computer controlled system that needs to be tuned by a trained technician on a dynamometer. When properly calibrated, it has the ability to correct for different fuel blends or even an intake leak. That’s why it’s so crucial to have your bike properly calibrated for the best Dyno Run Results. Your motorcycle is tuned at the factory for optimum performance and fuel efficiency with the stock components installed; however, once you decide to change pipes, mufflers, air cleaner, heads, and/or cams, you must tune the bike to meet the Air/Fuel needs of your “new” configuration.

Piggy Back or Flash?

The “Piggy Back Tuner” is a separate unit that is placed in line between the bikes wiring harness and the onboard ECM, This unit tells the original ECM what changes to make in fuel supply, timing, etc to achieve the desired results. It acts like an interpreter from one language to another. These Tuners actually work very well while leaving the factory ECM unchanged. The 2 issues with the Piggy Back Tuners are 1) they are very limited on the different adjustments that can be made leaving lots of room for improvement 2) they are time consuming to install because of the limited space to properly mount the units and run the necessary connections.

The “Flash Tuners” are programs that actually re-map the factory ECM. There is no additional equipment to mount to the bike that could possibly cause problems. These Flash Tuners make it possible for us to calibrate your VE Tables (Air Tables) in your stock ECM for your particular motorcycle setup before we even begin the Tuning process. If you calibrate the ECM to the true airflow of your engine first, and then set up the tune correctly, your bike will not only correct for ever changing air conditions caused by different altitudes and climate changes (temperature, humidity, barometric pressure), it will also be able to correct for minor fuel blend changes (gas vs 15% ethanol) and even help protect your engine from possible damage that could occur from an intake leak on your motorcycle. This option takes the most time but, provides the best possible tune for your Bike and lets your ECM perform the way it was originally designed to operate.

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