Kawasaki Ninja EX250 Titanium Sprocket Studs 2008/2012


Titanium is 45% lighter than steel equivalents

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Kawasaki Ninja EX250 Titanium Stud Kit is designed to the specifications set by Spears Racing.This is a kit of (6Pieces), this is a must for any racer who is looking to cut their unsprung mass weight. This is the weight of the parts of the motorcycle that are between the suspension and the road surface.

The titanium kit is one of the best way to reduce the rotational mass on any small race bike, and it is a big improvement on your acceleration of your bike,just remember it takes a lot more energy to accelerate a larger mass (weight) at the same rate as it does to accelerate a smaller mass. Therefore, heavier rotating parts cause slower acceleration. Heavier rotating parts also create more friction during acceleration. The less rotational mass on a bike, the lower the loss to friction and the more horsepower that gets transferred to the ground. Rotational mass is very important to lesson, especially on the little style race bikes
In a grounded vehicle with a suspension, the unsprung mass is the mass of the suspension, wheels or tracks, and other components directly connected to them, rather than supported by the suspension. Un-sprung weight is the weight of the parts of the motorcycle that are between the suspension and the road surface.So when you start to remove this weight,bike will not only be lighter but will respond faster.

M10x1.25x45m This is a kit of 6 Titanium sprocket carrier studs, A replica of manufacturers original design but in superior quality material. Our Titanium 6AL-4V (grade 5) bolts are highly corrosion resistant, extremely light (45% weight saving!) and with rolled threads offers excellent strength and quality.Machined 5mm hex head to install each stud

Kawasaki Ninja EX250 Titanium Stud Kit Contains:

(6) Titanium Sprocket Studs

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