Lightened Charging Rotor Kawasaki EX/ER650

Spears Racing offers a way to achieve better throttle response and more torque/horsepower by machining the stock ER/EX650 rotor to a special weight to achieve these kinds of results. (With Magnets)


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Lighten Ignition Rotor Kawasaki EX/ER650 Lighten rotor Spears Racing offers a way to achieve better throttle response and more horsepower by machining the outer diameter of the stock ER/EX650 ignition rotor to a special weight. This is a Technic that Spears Racing has been doing to the Kawasaki 650 Rotor since 2006. This modification will remove over 1 lb./1.5 lbs. of rotational mass which will present the numbers. All of the Spears rotors will have scribe lines for the original mark if present.

The way that Spears Racing does this unit is by machining the outer diameter, we do not remove any of the OEM Magnets from the unit and this is because you can only  remove  the magnets by introducing heat to the rotor , and it is simply impossible to do this one magnet at a time, the heat introduce will soften all of the epoxy and with due time it may fail, loosing other magnets. The back side of the rotor has a locating Lip for the OEM Starter Clutch boss, this to is reduced to achieve the maximum weight savings

The Lighten Ignition Rotor  Kawasaki EX/ER650 Lighten Rotor will perform better by reducing more weight off of the whole rotation mass.


CORE*** A core is required to complete this job, you will need to send your Original Core to use to be machined, If you would like to purchase the rotor it will be an additional charge


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