Accossato Radial Master Cylinder Folding Brake Lever (Std Length) in Aluminum For (19X20 MASTER CYLINDERS) (No Ready To Brake)

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Accossato Radial Master Cylinder Folding Brake Lever (19m x 20m)master cylinders. Produced in Italy from aerospace grade Magnesium Alloy with an ergonomically correct design to fit comfortable and solid in your hand yet exceptionally light for racing. Crafted to emphasize a connected feeling to the bike during cornering, shifting, and braking during high speed. The Accossato articulated lever is joined with a stainless steel screw to the pump hub, on which there is a hole with a spring and a ball inside. In the event of a fall, the sphere acts as a reminder when the user or pilot wants to return the lever to its original position. Black Anodized

Spare Folding Lever for Accossato Radial Master Cylinder Folding Brake Lever (19m x 20m) not suitable for Ready To Brake and Brembo. It is made in aluminum, CNC-worked and anodized in 7 different colors. It can be short or long, Provided with lightening eyelet (RST) to let air flow. Available distances: 16 mm – 18 mm – 19 mm – 20 mm – PRS (17-18-19 mm). In order to select the most accurate distance for your needs, it is recommended to know the current distance in use.

Accossato Racing products are known worldwide for their leading design and strict adherence to the highest quality standards. Accossato products are the result of their in-house design and production process that draws from its experience building racing motorcycles since 1969. Headquartered in Turin, Italy, Accossato produces world class motorcycle brake components which include brake master cylinders, cnc machined calipers, rotors, brake lines, and pads. Technical support is provided by the Accossato