Woodcraft/CFM Black Rear Sets Yamaha FZ07 2014/2017

This rear set can be used in either STD or GP shift the OEM brake light switch may be utilized on this kit.

FZ07rear set install


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Woodcraft Rearsets Yamaha FZ-07

The Rearsets Yamaha FZ-07 are designed and built by Woodcraft  their rearsets based on three key areas: function, durability and ease of repair. First, the rearsets must function beyond all else. They must provide the adequate ground clearance and vital feedback that a fast rider needs to push his or her machine to the limit. Second, they must be able to take a beating and keep on going. These rearsets are machined from 6061-T6 billet aluminum, resulting in a rearset that is more than twice as durable as an OEM rearset. In the event of a crash, the fixed high-grip knurled footpegs act as a secondary frame slider to keep the swingarm and mid-frame off of the tarmac. Lastly, many Woodcraft Rearsets utilize a 3-piece design that provides ease of assembly and repair. The fewer parts there are, the less that can go wrong.


Standard and GP Shift
Eccentric adjustable high-grip knurled footpegs
Eccentric adjustable high-grip knurled toe pegs
Hard Teflon-coated brake and shift pedal pivot ensures a super smooth action
Includes all necessary mounting hardware
Clear anodized finish
Optional Woodcraft Folding Toe Piece (sold separately)
Optional Woodcraft Brake Light Switch available (sold separately)
Retains OEM rear brake light switch
Range of adjustment up from stock: 21mm – 45mm
Range of adjustment back from stock: 36mm – 52mmm
Note: Woodcraft Rearsets are designed for track use only.


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