Vesrah Yamaha YZF-R7 2022 VD-248 XX Front Brake Pads

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Vesrah XX pads are the top of the line pad. MADE FOR RACING. They offer slightly less bite than the older RJL compound but greater braking power with a progressive feel. Small increases in lever force translate to exceptional increases in braking power.

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Vesrah Brake Pads VD-248 RJL XX  high performance racing brake pads give you powerful braking at the track and are used by many professional road race teams. This is the pad that started the revolution in braking technology. More AMA championships have been won on Vesrah  pads than any other. Harder backing plate and more initial bite than the JL pad. No bedding in required. Extremely wear resistant, long-lasting and fade resistant.

The VD-248 RJL XX Brake Pad compound is the newest composite by Vesrah. These brake pads have similar initial “BITE” as Vesrah’s famous RJL compound. Performance in progressive giving strong brake performance with a small increase in lever effort. This is Vesrah’s top performing pad for the Pack Leading Club Expert Racer needing that extra edge.

Good initial “bite” that is similar to the traditional Vesrah RJL Pad.
Brake performance is very progressive. Small increase in lever effort translates into a substantial increase in braking force.
Pad compound is resistant to fade related to heat buildup.
No Bedding in of the pad is required before usage.
Vesrah is considered one of the top racing brake pads in world

Vesrah’s sintered metal brake pads consist of between 50%-60% copper. Why copper? Copper plating of the iron back plate allows for better pressurized welding with friction material, at temperatures typically between 1200°F and 1500° F. Other materials in our sintered metal brakes pads include tin, auxiliary friction material, graphite, and lubricant.

The  Vesrah Brake Pads VD-248 RJL XX Brake Pad compound is the perfect choice for Aggressive Street Riders, Track Day Riding and Racers.

A harder backing plate than OEM brake pads for more even pressure across the pad.
More initial “bite” giving the brakes a more aggressive feel.
Pad compound is resistant to fade related to heat buildup.
No Bedding in of the pad is required before usage.


Vesrah, a Japanese company, is a Brake pads specialty manufacturer and sales company with accumulated know-how and experience since 1950.

As Japanese motorcycles expanded their market share overseas, Vesrah products as aftermarket products also enjoyed a rapidly increased distribution overseas、
(USA & European Market) rather than in the domestic market.

Soon after, Vesrah brake pads became sought-after racing pads in the United State’s racing circuit. Especially, XX, SS, and ZZ material are very popular among racers in USA.

Takara’s manufacturing experience in organic resin brake pad was first recognized in the after-market.

Vesrah sintered metal pads gained very strong recognition and demand among AMA, Moto American and WERA riders. Especially, XX, SS, and ZZ materials are very popular among racers in USA.