Shorten Shift Linkage Arm Suzuki SV650 1999/2020


The Arm it is over 10mm shorter in length and will reduce your foot/ankle movement by over 5/8 of an inch.

Shift Arm

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SV650 Shorten Shift arm Now available from Spears Racing a shorten shift lever will fit onto all Suzuki SV650’s from 1999/2020 it is over 10mm shorter in length and will reduce your foot/ankle movement by over 5/8 of an inch.This will allow the lessor movement of the foot/ankle to insure you that  more positive direct shift will occur and that being said you will have less false neutral and miss shifts.

SV650 Shorten Shift arm Makes shifting in corners a less effort, from  from right or left handed corners.


This will allow more positive shifts with less movement, a must for all racers. Works in Std. or GP Shift.



I was able to get the short shift linkage installed on my 2017 SV650, and it fit perfectly, and the stock double ended rod works just fine. Although for a bigger/Taller rider like myself a slightly longer rod would be better. I took it for a ride after to check function and no issues. I rode the bike to work this morning and not only does it work perfectly, but my god does it completely change the riding experience. As far as I’m concerned it’s a mandatory upgrade for all 3rd gen SV650’s. It’s brilliant, I’m SO happy I tried it and I greatly appreciate the time you spent on the phone with me before I ordered it.
Because of my size (6’1″) and the short seat to peg, my foot is already pretty much at max bend, so lifting up my foot to upshift is a bit tight, and if I lower the shifter as low as I can it still travels so much up and down that I frequently miss second or third on upshifts. The new linkage shortens the movement to the point that I can have the shift lever in a comfortable position and absolutely nail every single upshift. I was shifting like a madman all the way to work today and laughing like an idiot because I couldn’t believe how much better it was. The shorter shift time also seems to make all the shifting events smoothing in general because it makes the timing of the foot match the timing of what the hands want to do. Or that’s the best way I can describe it.

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