Front Fairing Stay Aluminum Kawasaki Ninja EX400cc 2018/Current


Depending on the choice of race body work you will need to re position your current holes to mount onto this stay.

Weight: 6oz or 170 grams

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Spears Racing has developed the new Kawasaki EX400 Fairing stay Ninja EX400 2018/2022. This unit is a purpose built from aluminum tubular and flat metal stock, precision welded in machined jigs, the fairing stay is powdered coated not only to achieve the most rigid lightest race fairing, but to have a stylish professional custom look that has been a part of the Spears Racing product line for decades. Once the OEM Fairing stay is removed the Spears Racing unit will bolt onto your current Kawasaki Ninja 400cc using the stock mounting hole and bolt.

Also you will need to know and understand that you will need to drill two mounting holes into the front upper fairing. This unit does not use the OEM Kawasaki Mirror mount holes like the Kawasaki OEM stay. The Spears Racing Fairing stay Ninja EX400 unit will also allow the OEM Gauge cluster to directly bolt into place.

Depending on the choice of race body work you will need to re position your current holes on the bodywork  to mount this stay.


Kawasaki EX400 Fairing stay Ninja 2018/2020 Kit :

1ea. Aluminum Fairing Stay

2ea Mounting fasteners

3ea Rubber vibration dampers

Weight : 6 oz. or 170 Grams

Spears Racing has been designing and making race products for decades, their continuous committed to excellence to advance as the industry changes. This commitment has resulted in more components specific to certain applications, proprietary products only manufactured for us. Each of these aspects has been put through stringent research and development stages to ensure that our product will exceed your standards.