Kawasaki Ninja EX300 Oil Pump Relief Spring 2012/2017

Custom spring has been reset to produce greater pressure. The spring does not require specific shim just reuse the OEM washer with the clip as per manufacturer procedure

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Kawasaki EX300 Oil pressure Relief Spring  As a leader in the commuter “small”  bike world Spears Racing has been servicing and building the Kawasaki Ninja EX300 for track day riders and racers all over the world  for several years,in fact built several WSS300 engines for teams in 2015.

One thing that Spears Racing had noticed was the current engine had low oil pressure and we all understand the lack of oil capacity that the engine really has. Looking into the oil pressure of the OEM  Stock engine it was determined that there was a need to have a more appropriate oil relieve spring that could increase the pressure by simply changing the amount of  “spring Tension” it would take to create more pressure at the area’s in questioned.

The current oil pressure spring from the Factory Kawasaki would produce approximately  1.5kg /3.3lbs. of oil pressure at 4000 rpm again with the OEM Relief spring.

The new Spears Racing spring is able to raise the oil pressure from the OEM numbers to over 2 times greater than stock,achieving  3.8kgs/8.37lbs. of oil pressure at 4000 rpm with this new Custom spring.Taking the oil pressure to over 2 times the OEM numbers was a serious increase of pressure in the area’s needed to sustain full throttle high RPM’s for a greater amount of time,not to mention that the engine would last longer for the conditions it was now being used for.  The Spears Racing spring does not require specific shims you will just need to remove the current stock OEM cir clip,washer and you will remove the OEM Stock pressure spring and replace it with the New Spears Racing oil pump relief spring as per manufacturer procedure manual..

Spring is made of Carbon & Exotic steel that give a yellowish color.

Kawasaki EX300 Oil pressure Relief Spring

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