Kawasaki Ninja 400cc High Lift Roadracing Camshafts 2018/Current

Spears Racing camshafts give the racer improved mid-range and top end Horsepower, without sacrificing low end ride-ability


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Kawasaki Ninja 400cc Racing Camshafts Hard Weld Spears Racing is the industry leader in designing and making racing components for decades for the “little Commuter Style Bikes” their continuous committed to excellence to advance as the industry changes. This commitment has resulted in more profiles specific to certain applications, proprietary treated camshafts with specific lobe/cam profiles are manufactured only for Spears Racing. Each of these aspects has been put through stringent research and development stages to ensure that our product will exceed your standards.

Unlike the other “SO Called Performance camshafts” on the market, these are not just a regrind of the “Base Circle” to obtain a little more top end, these are a real re-profiled and added duration to the camshafts. Spears Racing cams will have over .030 more lift on the Intake side and over .040 on the exhaust. Spears Racing has for decades made camshaft profiles to improve the over all  performance of your race engines.


These cams are “CNC” cam ground on NEW Kawasaki OEM camshafts to Spears Racing specification numbers, these camshafts are welded up and are hard chromed for both Intake and exhaust. The Cylinder head bearing Journals are Polished with the reliability and precision you come to expect from Spears Racing products.

These camshafts give the racer improved midrange and top end Horsepower, without sacrificing low end ride ability.

Kawasaki 400cc Racing camshafts Race will need to be set up with the proper clearance ,this specification will come with the new camshafts and will need to rotate freely. These cams do not require the of aftermarket valve springs. These camshafts will performed better with an Exhaust System, and High Compression Piston. Check ALL clearances! Price Per Set (2).

These cams can be dropped in, if your looking to obtain the best power for the camshaft design we would recommend that you degree them in to obtain the most power

***The OEM camshafts from the factory are made with “Dirty Steel” that means just that , the material that is used is not the best in quality. Once the cams are hard welded they will need to be hard chromed for several reasons to obtain the perfection of the best product for this bike***


****Depending on the year of your motocycle , you many need to clearance the intake side of the intake bucket area, Spears Racing recently has seen a varience in casting on the newer modlel cylinder heads***


Kawasaki Ninja 400cc Racing Camshafts Kit contains:

1 ea Intake camshaft

1 ea Exhaust camshaft

Cam card for camshaft specifications

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