Carrillo “H” Beam Rods Kawasaki EX650


At Carrillo Industries, they use proprietary steel, manufactured, and forged to our own custom specifications

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Fatigue is the major cause of connecting rod failure. At Carrillo Industries the Carrillo Ninja 650 Rods“H-Type” Connecting Rods are designed and manufactured  specifically for high performance applications with a hardened proprietary steel alloy, providing a strong connecting rod that decreases rod growth and increases reliability of your Kawasaki Ninja 650cc engine.

The H-Type design provides a strong and durable design that’s built to withstand the demands of the track. Each connecting rod is forged, fully machined, balanced, shot peened, and finally Maganflux inspected and hardness tested. The end result is a connecting rod that you can rely on for the extreme conditions that a race built engine experiences.

Carrillo Ninja 650 Rods:

Increase strength and decrease rod growth as compared to OEM connecting rods
Designed and constructed specifically for high performance applications
Lightweight and high-quality construction with Brass wrist pin inserts
Manufactured from CP-Carrillo proprietary steel alloy
Forged and machined construction to guarantee removal of surface imperfections
Balanced and shot peened to achieve the ultimate strength and fatigue properties
100% Maganflux inspected and hardness tested

These connecting rods are set to limits that are much higher than the OEM Rods

Installation Requirements: A highly skilled and experienced Engine builder/mechanic adept in such technology should perform the installation and setup of these parts.
This product was designed and intended for closed course competition use ONLY. This product is neither designed nor intended for use on public roads or land.


CP-Carrillo engineers continually refine our connecting rod designs to obtain that elusive goal –perfection in performance.

When you buy a CP-Carrillo connecting rod we strive to put you in the winner’s circle; you get our commitment to quality and performance, before, during and after the sale!

***Every Carrillo Rod set comes with a detailed print out of the specs of each connecting rod and give the proper torque/stretch of the rod bolts***

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