Adjustable Cam Sprockets Yamaha R3 320cc 2015/Current


Adjustable Cam Sprockets & Holders: This is a must for all tuners it is a known fact that “free” horsepower can be found just by slightly adjusting the timing position (degreeing)

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Adjustable Cam Sprockets R3 This is a must for all engine builders and tuners this is a known fact that “free” horsepower can be found just by slightly adjusting the Cam Timing position (degreeing) of your camshafts.The sprockets slots are machined 5° to 7° to allow the best numbers to be set on center lines.

Why Adjustable Cam Sprockets?

There are two reasons for using adjustable cam sprockets (or gears) and they both squeeze extra power from an engine.

1. Adjustable cam sprockets allow an engine builder/tuner to adjust the cam timing so that it is precisely where it should be,opening early on the intake to retarding the exhaust camshafts to your own numbers. The sprocket can compensate for a stretched timing chain, excessive milling from the head and cylinder, and tolerance variations in an engine.

2. An adjustable cam sprocket allows you to tune the engine for more power in low, mid or upper RPM ranges. To move the power peak lower on the RPM scale you advance the cam timing. To move the peak higher you retard the cam timing.

These Adjustable Cam Sprockets R3 will bolt onto your stock or performance Spears Racing camshafts


These are New OEM Sprockets and they have been slotted approximately 5° to 7°   this should allow engine builders and race team mechanic to achieve their openings and closings.

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