2020 BSB Junior Supersport Champion

2020 HEL Performance British Junior Supersport Champion Owen Jenner


From the start of the season team Affinity Sports Academy and their racers have been in a battle to run up front , there were times that the team and the riders needed to dig deep to stay focused, well at the end, Owen Jenner #86 was able to fight off a few miss haps and fought off the lows in racing to become the new 2020 Hel Performance British Junior Supersport Champion.

Sponsorship at every level in today’s world seems to be expected and always questioned with what can you do for me? (As the Racer)
Well after more than 30 years in racing and support, we are completely blown away from what we received today.

Thank you to

Affinity Sports Academy

John Laverty, Leon Haslam,

Owen Jenner #86 Racing

and the rest of the team for this amazing gift(s).

There is so much to be learned from a Professional Team, the pure passion and the dedication to be the best and build on every positive and to work through the negative of the weekend/year.
Thank you Team @affinitysportsacademy for Allowing Spears Racing to be part of the best team in the HEL Performance British Junior Supersport paddock.#owenjenner #leonhaslam #Johnlaverty

Spears Racing is so please to have been a part of this amazing season with Owen and Affinity Sports Academy 2020 HEL Performance British Junior Supersport Champion

All your hard work, dedication and determination has paid off! Keep striving and never settle and this will only be the beginning to a winning future. Congratulations again, you deserve it!


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