Keep Your Cool !!

Spears Racing has seen so many little race bikes over the years get way to hot and start to push their liquid out of their overflow tanks and this is not only a real mess for you, but dangerous for other racers, and not to mention pulling SO MUCH POWER AWAY FROM THE ENGINE.

Most of us will take our current “commuter Style Bike”, an add so much thought and time into the suspension, engine’s power and braking systems, yes these are important upgrade, but a lot of time we will over look the protection of the bikes cooling system.

Spears Racing know as the industry leader in Lightweight race motorcycle parts now has the “Cooling Kits” this is a set of products that Spears Racing feels is an addition to keeping your motorcycle engine protected and cooler in the most extreme conditions you will come across. This is a ongoing challenge for most of the motorcycle racers, but remember we are dealing with a commuter style motorcycle that was designed on a budget and its intentions were to do a few miles a day.

You will find custom Cooling System kits, Samco hoses and different Cooling liquids to use in your street or race motorcycles.

Stay Cool!!!

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