Clip On Handlebars Yamaha R3 2015/Current


woodcraft bars Install

Woodcraft designed a special set that bolts right on the R3 – street or track.


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Woodcraft Yamaha R3 Clipon Handlebars is proud to present our Yamaha R3 Clip Ons . We worked hard to develop a set of clip-ons to fit this bike perfectly. A simple re-positioning of the brake line is necessary on this model. The instructions, including a photo, require no cutting or permanent removal of parts. The Yamaha clip-ons feature a built in riser that eliminates interference issues with the bodywork and fuel tank, while getting the bars as low as possible.

Woodcraft Yamaha R3 Clipon Handlebars 2-piece split clip ons are specially designed to make installation and removal a snap. Our 2-piece design is race proven and makes it easy to service your clip ons below the triple clamp without having to disassemble the entire front end.

Woodcraft designed a special set that bolts right on the R3 – street or track. These custom parts help improve front end feel and rider control. They drop the bars nearly 3″ (see comparison photo) over the OEM parts and feature a sporty yet comfortable 5 degree down angle. Plus, replacement bars are inexpensive and available everywhere.

Special attention has also been taken to save weight wherever possible on these clamps. The bars themselves are 12” long and are easily adjusted to whatever custom width you desire. Racers no longer have to worry about replacing an expensive complete clip on assembly after a crash – these risers use an inexpensive universal handlebar. *Comes with Bars*

These clip ons are being used by racers at all levels around the world from BSB Junior cup series to Moto America here in the USA

These clip ons are the same ones we use to build the Spears Racing winning Yamaha YZFR-3’s


THIS IS FOR RACE APPLICATIONS ONLY. This configuration will come in contact with the OEM bodywork. All aftermarket bodywork is different , it might require adjustments




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