Aprilia RS660 Brembo Set Monobloc M50 Radial Calipers 100mm mount, left + right hand, color Titanium, with pads


Each M50 Caliper weighs only ~700 gr (1.54 lb). This is possible thanks to the use of topological optimization software which allows Brembo to remove any excess material without compromising the caliper’s structural integrity. The titanium anodized finish helps dissipate heat built up under hard and extensive braking. Seating the brake pads are special guides that eliminate the need for brake pad pins, making it quick and simple to swap brake pads at home or in the pits.

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In designing and making this Brembo Set Monobloc M50 Radial Calipers we decided to give the hydraulics and the caliper body shape particular attention, both of which were the focus of painstaking technical operations to perfect them. With its typically racing design the caliper houses four 30 mm diameter pistons. Thanks to careful refinement, the compact body of the caliper guarantees the excellent characteristics of power and modularity that are so typical of Brembo calipers.
This caliper is the result of sophisticated “topological optimization” calculation software which, thanks to an iteration process, allows material to be removed from the areas of the caliper where it is not needed in order to come as close as possible to the optimum structure, combining maximum stiffness with maximum lightness.
This caliper was presented for the first time at EICMA 2011 as original equipment on the Ducati 1199 Panigale. In its name, M50, the letter M stands for monoblock, a technology which was successfully introduced by Brembo in MotoGP in 1994, which allows the caliper body to be derived from a single piece of cast aluminum, whereas the number 50 is a tribute to the number of years the company has been in business.
The product, provided in a kit made up of 2 calipers and sintered brake pads which represent the absolute best quality available on the market today.
Along with these calipers a different master cylinder is required, , that’s why Brembo has the 17RCS .

Brembo Set Monobloc M50 Radial Calipers Technical Characteristics:
Pistons : Ø 30 mm.
Construction Material : Casting Aluminum
Finishing : Titanium Grey
Weight (with pads) : 930 gr.
Brake Fluid : DOT 4
Hardware : Steel
Pistons : Aluminum
Center to Center : 100 mm.
Offset : 30 mm.

Brembo has always contributed to the victories of the world’s greatest champions with braking systems boasting constantly evolving technology and innovation. With its unmatched racing experience and collection of victories, Brembo is the undisputed benchmark for the champions of the world’s most prestigious championships and the most discerning motorcyclists.